Loving Lola- Ch. 42


Lola chuckles as she watches Eric scrape the last bit of sauced up chicken in the corner of the bowl with a torn piece of tortilla. “So, how was it?” she asks laughing. He looks at her with a napkin in his hand and can’t help but to laugh. “That shit was fire I’m not even going to lie,” he says wiping his face. “Hahaha, oh I know it was. The moment you started scraping up the crumbs with that lil’ piece of tortilla I knew it was a wrap.” “No food left behind!” He blurts out excitedly. “Hahaha, you are a fool!” She says, both laugh hysterically. Eric sits back in his chair and stares at Lola with a slight grin. She looks at him and smiles, “what?” she asks fluffing her hair, “nothing, just enjoying the moment” he says. She blushes and then looks away. “So how long is your break?” She asks trying to change the subject, “oh, you ready to get rid of me already?” he asks mockingly. Lola smirks, “yes actually,” she replies. “Wow, and here I thought you were enjoying my company,” Lola laughs, “stop being so dramatic,” she says rolling her eyes. Eric chuckles then checks his watch, “I still have 15 minutes left; I have an hour lunch. I’m not going to get you into trouble, am I?” Lola smacks her teeth, “no, I was just making sure I wasn’t getting you into any.” “Oh, well thanks for your consideration Ms. Spears, but I’m grown” he says with a grin. “Alright, alright calm down,” “hahaha, what? I’m just saying.” Lola smiles and looks away.

“So, are you calmed down now?” “What do you mean?” she asks looking confused. “When you came out to the car, you looked a little estranged, you said that you’d just spoken with your boss and that you needed to calm down some, is it fair to say you’re calmer now?” “Oh! Yes, very much.” “Good, good.” Lola raises her eyebrows and looks at Eric, he smiles and looks back at her, “what?” “Are you not going to ask why I needed to calm down?” she says. “No. I figured if you wanted me to know, you’d tell me. I presume it’s something important and you probably want to discuss it with your sisters first, that is why you texted them right?” “…I mean yeah, but I can still discuss it with you,” “well, I’d love to hear all about it, I just didn’t want to pry or overstep. I want you to want to tell me things, and I am prepared to wait until you are comfortable enough to do so.” Lola looks at him and smiles, “You know, you’re sweet when you want to be,” she says rolling her eyes. “Don’t get used to this now, it’s just early,” he says with a smirk. “Oop, alright that’s fine,” she says with a grin. Ring, ring, ring, “oh, excuse me for a moment,” he says getting up from the table. “Sims… No, I closed on that this morning… The paperwork is on my desk, but he has one more payment until I can fully lock it in… Yes sir… But… He has until the end of the month… We’ve been trying to close on this studio for months… I did what I had to do, and it worked… Yes… Thank you sir.” Eric hangs up and lets out a big sigh, “is everything alright? That seemed a bit hectic.” Lola asks, “yeah, naw everything’s fine. Work stuff, you know how that goes.” “Yeah.” Lola starts gathering her things abruptly, “It’s time for me to head back, we should go,” she says. “Alright,” Eric says also gathering his belongings.

Once in the car, there is a forced silence. Eric arrives at the gallery and Lola immediately gets out of the car. “Hey, hey, are you okay?” Eric asks jumping out of the car. “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for a lovely lunch, I hope everything works out for you at work. I have to get back and finish my display for the showcase coming up.” She says as she starts to walk away. Eric grabs her hand gently to stop her, “did I, did I do something wrong? Because I don’t feel like you’re very happy with me right now,” he asks with concern. “It’s nothing, I’ll get over it. I guess I’ll have to wait until you’re more comfortable with me to share things as well. You enjoy the rest of your day Eric.” She says lightly pulling her hand away walking into the building. Confused, he gets back into the car and heads back to work.

Loving Lola- Ch. 25


Sam and Trisha arrive at Depasco and they make their way inside and wait to be seated. They observe their surroundings while sitting in the waiting area. “Wow, I feel like I haven’t been here in forever.” Trisha says looking around in awe. “I know I haven’t been here in a while; they changed it around quite a bit from what I remember.” “Yeah, it’s a lot cleaner, thank goodness.” “But the grime was the best part of this place!” “Ew, hahaha.” “See, you’re saying that now, but you still ate here, AND got full.” “Yeah maybe. But the food wasn’t the only reason I came here.” Trish says looking away. “Huh?” Sam asks confused. “Nothing, I think they’re ready for us.” Trish says changing the subject. The hostess walks over to them and guides them to their seats. They sit at a booth across from one another, “your waiter will be right with you.” The hostess says as she sets down their menus. Sam picks up the menu and starts scanning the selections. Trisha grabs her menu and holds it to her face but cannot help herself from staring at Sam instead. “Do you know what you want to eat?” He asks her. I have an idea. “No, not yet. Do you?” “I think I want the house special. I haven’t been here in a while, so I feel like that’s my safest best.” “Safe huh? You like playing it safe Sam?” She says putting her menu down onto the table. He looks at her with a straight face, “Um, when it comes to my food yes.” “Really? So, does that mean you prefer taking risks in other circumstances then?” “Well it depends on the situation to be honest. I usually like to assess all situations before I make any sudden decisions.” He says not understanding what she meant. The waiter comes over to take their order. “Hi, my name is Jacob and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Can I start you guys off with something to drink?” “I’ll just take a water.” Sam says. “With lemon?” “No thank you.” “Okay, and for you ma’am?” “I’m going to have a medium peach margarita please.” “Frozen or on the rocks?” “Let’s keep it on the rocks.” “Salt or sugar around the rim?” “Sugar, please.” “Alright. May I see your ID?” “Oh really? Don’t I look mature enough?” She says flipping her hair. “I just have to ask.” “Hehe, yeah I know. Here ya go sweety” she says pulling out her license. “Okay thank you. Are you both ready to order?” “Well not yet, I’m still looking,” she says. “Okay no problem, I’ll go put these drinks in for you and be back in a moment.” The waiter leaves the table and Sam looks at Trish.

Laid out on the bed tired, Giselle, Jhené, and Lola are finally finished cleaning the house. “I am never letting it get this bad again, I am exhausted.” “Yeah please don’t, because next time I’m not helping.” Jhené says. “Well thank you guys for helping this time… not just with the cleaning but, with everything.” “Of course, you know we got yo back like a chiropract!” Giselle yells out. “Yeah, we down for you like four flats on a Cadillac!” yells out Jhené. “OMG! Please stop!” They all burst out laughing. “Can we go get something to eat now please, I am STARVING!” Jhené says. Lola turns and faces her, “I just don’t understand how you can eat as much as you do and not gain a pound.” “I know right! It’s like she burns off every bite before she finishes the plate,” says Giselle “Hahaha, right! Don’t have no time to even taste the food before its gone.” They both say laughing. “Shut yall asses up and come on!” “Where are we going Jhené? Better not be somewhere nasty.” “Shut up, I know good food.” “Alright, let me take a shower really quick, I sweated my life away cleaning.” “Ugh! I’m going to starve to death waiting on you!” Jhené cries out. “Shut up! I won’t even take that long.” “Hurry up!” Lola goes to turn on the shower and begins to undress. She runs to the closet and grabs a clean towel and washrag and doesn’t hear her phone going off. Unaware, she rushes off to get in the shower.