Loving Lola- Ch. 41

The Apology.

“What do you want?” Sam says looking her in the eye. Giselle, with hands clasped within each other looks back at him. With neither backing down from their intense gaze, Giselle finally breaks eye contact, “I want to apologize to you” she says looking away from him. Shocked, Sam looks at her in disbelief, “Wh-what?” “The actions done unto you back then were disgusting and unjustifiable, I hope to squash all ill feelings you may have towards me or my family because of that.” Still not able to look him in the eye, Sam looks at her with a blank stare. The atmosphere between them drastically changes and Sam is no longer nervous or worried to be in her presence. His attitude and demeanor shifts, and he can no longer contain himself, “actions? You mean how you deliberately and single-handedly thwarted all communication between Lola and I with the constant lies you’ve managed to drill in her head of me just up and leaving her without a goodbye? Or even convincing her, your own sister, that nothing or no one was good enough if it were not connected to or beneficial for your company when you knew she was miserable there? Do you mean those actions?” Giselle stays quiet and they both sit there for a moment in silence. “Keep your apology, I don’t want it, nor do I need it.” He gathers his pen and notepad and begins to leave the booth, “Sam wait!” Giselle yells out grabbing his hand. He stops and stands there quietly, “look, let’s not make a scene okay?” She says to him. Sam angrily snatches his hand away from her, “what?! You’re seriously worried about making a scene, but you call that an apology? How long did it take you to come up with that? The few minutes it took to drive over here I bet. You couldn’t even own up to the “disgusting” things you’ve done, let alone look me in the eye. That’s just like you, but no matter how you dress it up, shit is still shit. You know, I used to be so intimidated by you, your family and all that damn power you threw around, but now, I just feel sorry for you. It’s sad the way you parade around like you’ve got everything under control when in actuality, you are falling to pieces just trying to keep your head above water, drowning in your lies and regrets… I know the only reason you’ve decided to do this after all these years, is because you’re afraid I’ll tell Lola everything you did, but I’m not like you. I would never try and drive a wedge between two people who love each other. Your sisterhood is your bond, you don’t have to worry about me breaking it, honestly, I’m sure you will do that all on your own.” With watery eyes, Giselle looks at him with a faint smile, “thank you. Sam, I really am sor-” “If we’re done here, I have to get back to work” Sam says interrupting her. She looks at him for a moment then pulls herself together. “Of course,” she says putting her shades back on. She thanks him for his time and leaves the payment for her drink on the table and takes her leave. Sam lets out a big sigh and slams his hands on the table drawing attention from the people in the room. Tasha looks at him worriedly from across the bar, he looks back at her and then heads to the back. She follows him and asks if he is okay, he nods his head yes, then she lightly places her hand on his shoulder and leaves.

Giselle arrives back at work and sits in the car for a moment. She removes her shades and begins to sob softly. Her phone rings and she quickly pull’s herself together. “Hello?… Yes, I am on my way.” She hangs up the phone, wipes her face and gets out of the car making her way into the building.

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